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Trunks vs. Silver is the tenth episode of the first season of Bon's Death Battles. It features Trunks from the Dragon Ball Z series against Silver the Hedgehog from the Sonic series.


DBZ vs. Sonic! Which time-travler will erase the other?


(cues* Invader - Jim Johnston*)

Boomstick: Time travelers... heroes from war torn-futures who travel back in hopes of saving their own. If only they ever understand the idea of paradoxes, like Trunks, the Super Saiyan with a badass sword.

Wiz: And Silver the Hedgehog, the master telekinetic.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle.


Boomstick: What happens, when you mix John Connor and DBZ? You get Future Trunks of course!

Wiz: Trunks is the Saiyan and Human hybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma from the alternate future. By the time Present Trunks was born, the timeline had been altered by Future Trunks' and Cell's trips to the past. Therefore, the two Trunks had completely different lives. Well-mannered, serious and very cautious, Future Trunks hails from an alternate timeline in which Android 17 and Android 18 murdered the Z Fighters and proceeded to create apocalyptic hell on Earth.

Boomstick: Future Trunks is trained by Future Gohan as a teenager, and becomes a gifted fighter and swordsman, these traits aid him greatly in the battle against the Androids after traveling back in time in order to save his own future.

Wiz: Just so you guys know, we will only be covering Future Trunks. Anyways, Future Trunks met Future Gohan for the first time, Gohan offered to train him by helping him become a Super Sayian, but Gohan lost his arm and was defeated by the hands of the Androids.

Boomstick: Wow, Wiz, you just had to say defeated by the hands of the Androids, dick move.

Wiz:...Anyways, after Gohan's death, Trunks experienced foe the first time the feeling of losing someone, and then the feeling of anger, which propelled him to become the legendary form, the Super Sayian. The Super Saiyan is a super powerful form which increses his power by 50X. Causing havok to whoever he is fighting.

Boomstick: Except more powerful then him. Anyays, Super Saiyan Trunks is still imensley powerful, but it uses it some of his inner energy known as Ki. Which he can maniuplate into different uses.

Wiz: These uses include basic flight, sensing life energy, and powerful attacks. These include basic Ki Blasts, Burning attack, which is the first technique used by Future Trunks in the anime or manga and is his signature technique. Trunks performs a series of rapid arm movements before placing his palms forward, with the thumbs and index fingers touching each other to form a small diamond shape, then he fires a powerful blast of energy from his palms towards the opponent.

Boomstick: Seriously, how does he move his arm's so fast in that attack?! Anyways, Buster Cannon is an energy wave fired from both hands. And Heat Dome Attack is where Trunks surrounds himself in a large dome of energy and fires an enormous blast of energy from it, capable of completely obliterating most opponents.

Wiz: Future Trunks is also one of the only Z-Fighters to carry a weapon, a sword, which he used to kill Mecha-Frieza with using an attack called Shining Sword Attack. He fires a Burning Attack slowly enough for the opponent to dodge by taking to the air, where he surprises and slices the opponent to bits before finishing them off with a flash of yellow energy shot from one hand. And thanks to training in the Hyperbolic time chamber. He can reach the forms of 2nd and 3rd grade Super Saiyans. They are a forced increase in the power output of the initial transformation, and thus is not in itself an actual transformation.

Boomstick: Trunks has done some impressive shit, he killed Mecha-Frieza and King Cool with ease. He also defeated the Androids and Imperfect Cell of his time-line. And is even stronger then the Perfect Cell thanks to his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Wiz: But, he does have his faults, he cannot breathe in the vacuum of space. And while the 2nd and 3rd grade Super Sayian forms increase his stength and power, they decrease his speed.

Boomstick: But still, Trunks is still, a time-travelling badass. John Conner only wishes he could be as awesome as Trunks.

Trunks: You're about to find out what it's like to fight a real Super Saiyan, and I'm not talking about Goku...


Wiz: Ughh....

Boomstick: Something wrong, Wiz?

Wiz: Ughhhh....

Boomstick: Ehh, Wiz?



Wiz: I fucking hate Silver! *sigh* Look, there will be no biasm involved in this fight, it's just that I hate this guy. Anyways, Silver is an anthropomorphic heddgehog born 200 years into the future. Standing at 3'3" and weighing in at 77ilbs, Silver, unlike his rivals Sonic and Shadow, does not use his speed to reach goals, but he has been seen keeping up Sonic and Shadow before. Even though they are all as slow as hell in 06. But, he has kept up with them before, like in Sonic Generations for example. But Silver's main power is his Psychokinies. This power let's him grab just about anything with his mind. Even himself.

Boomstick: He's a pyscho!

Wiz: No Boomstick, 'pyschic'. Anyways, he can use his Pyschic abilites for offensive attacks as well.

Boomstick: Offensive attacks? Is the reason you hate him because he offended you?

Wiz: The other kind of offensive Boomstick, and yes, I am offeneded that I had to research such a character. Anyways, Silver pyschic techniques include Hold Smash, where he grabs one or a few more objects, charges up his pyschic powers, and hurls them at people. Pyscho Shock is where Silver leaps into the air and pyschic energy in his hand, when he lands, he slams his hand to the ground and sends off a shockwave which paralyses nearby opponents.

Boomstick: See, even some of his move names being with psycho! Anyways, Pyschic Knife is where he concetrates his energy into a knife-like wave of energy. Teleport Dash is where he, well, teleports. Grab All is pretty similar to Hold Smash, except he grabs all the nearby objects. He can't move while doing, yet he can turn a full 360 degrees, and it can stun airborn enemies. Psycho Smash is where Silver charges up Pyschic Power, this is one of his few attacks the more you charge it, the more powerful it gets. It can be used to push away objects or to paralyze an opponent. Also, he can use the attack to throw projectiles one after the other if he has picked up multiple.

Wiz: Meteor Smash is one of SIlver's most dangerous attacks. Silver gathers up debris in the surrounding area and uses it to form a giant ball. He then rolls it at the person he is fighting in an attempt to flatten them. And it can get even bigger the more debris is taken into it. Silver can also turn into a ball and use the iconic spindash and homing attack.

Boomstick: But wait, there's more!

Wiz: That's right! Silver can use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Silver! Super Silver is a 1000X power increase, offers invincibilty, gives him the Shield of Light ability, which stops any and all projectiles in a larger area than before and allows him to throw them an even greater distance, it does, however, have a time limit. Silver has done some incredible things over the years, he has fought both Sonic and Shaow to a standstill, saved his own future, and defeated Solaris, with some help of course. However, he is quite naive, cocky, and arrogant. And alot of his attacks leave him vulrabable.

Boomstic: Still, Silver is one of the most powerful pyschics in video game

Silver: To kill someone to save the world... Is that really the right thing to do?


Wiz: Alright, the combantants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a futuristic DEATH BATTTTLLLEE!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Trunks was walking around in a city, which he presumed was just one of the many citites destroyed by the Androids.

Trunks: Tsk, Android scum.....

But this was no odirnary destroyed city, it was Crisis City, the home to his next fight. As Trunks was examining the rubble, two figures hovered above him, two he knew very well, two that destroyed people's dreams of a happy world.

Android 17: Well, well, well sis, look's like little Trunks decided to come along.

Trunks: You bastards, how dare you destroy another city?!

Android 18: Hey, why did you blame us for this? We didn't even blow up this one.

Trunks: I don't know, maybe because you blew up every other place I've seen!

Android 18: Well that still doesn't mean you should make assumpt-

18 was cut off by a punch to the jaw that nearly blew her head off. 18 growled and the two Androids prepared to fight Trunks.

Meanwhile, a white coloured Hedgehog was walking around the city. He then saw the two Androids on the ground who he believed were innocent people. He then saw a barrage of Ki Blasts coming from above being shot by Trunks. The blasts destroyed the Androids. Silver look on in horror as the two he thought were innocent civlians had parished.

Silver: No, this can't be...It's, the Iblis Trigger....

Trunks sighed in relief as he was about to fly off, but Silver got in front of him.

Silver: You! You're the Iblis Trigger, fight me!

Trunks, confused, just flew past the hedgehog, Silver growled, and flew in front of him.

Silver: Don't try to run away! Fight me!!

Trunks: *sigh* Fine. I don't even know what this Iblis Trigger is.

Trunks took out his sword and Silver got into a fighting pose.


Trunks starts by dashing towards the hedgehog, but, was grabbed telelekenitly.

Trunks: What?! I can't, move!

Trunks tried to struggle out, but Silver sent him flying down to the road below him. Trunks was smashed through the road.

Silver: Hmp, I thought the Iblis Trigger would have put up a better fi-

Suddenly, Trunks sliced SIlver from behind sending him to the ground. Silver landed on top of a car. 

Trunks: A psychic, huh? Impressive.

Trunks floated down to the road. There was a big chunk in the middle missing after Trunks was sent through it. Silver got up while Trunks was looking at the chunk in the road. Then, he picked up the car and hurled it at Trunks. He saw it flying through the air and cut it in half.

Trunks was getting angry. He ran towards Silver again, sword in hand, and attempted to slice the hedgehog in half. Silver jumped back and shot a Psychic Knife at Trunks. Trunks jumped in the air, dodging the attack. He landed and sliced at Silver, sending the hedgehog back. A bit of blood came out.

Trunks: Aww, I got blood on my favourite jacket....And why was I wearing my favourite jacket to a destroyed city?

While Trunks was babbling to him self from afar. Silver wiped the blood off him and grabbed Trunks with his psychic powers. He then threw him through multiple buildings. Trunks regained control and kicked Silver away. Silver was sent on top of a building. Silver got up, and saw Trunks flying towards him. He then picked up multiple nearby boulders. He then chucks them at Trunks. Trunks shoots a barrage of Ki Blasts to destroy them.

Silver fired a Psychic Knife in a attempt to slice up Trunks, but Trunks begged to differ. He did some strange hand gestures really fast, before making a diamond shape with his hands. He then fired the attack at Silver but Silver grabbed it with his powers and threw it back at Trunks, hitting Trunks and sending him to the ground. Silver floated down to Trunks. As Trunks was getting up, Silver grabbed him telekentickly and put him against the side of a building, he then began to fly upwards as Trunks scraped up the side of the building. When they finally made it over the building, Silver began to fly down to the road, Trunks still grabbed telekenitikly. Silver slammed Trunks face first into the concrete. A cloud of dust emerged....

When the dust disappeared, we see Trunks lying on the ground while Silver is standing tall.

Silver: That, *pant* is for the lives you've taken, Iblis Trigger.

Silver walks, having belived he had killed Trunks, but the fight was far from over.

Trunks got up with blood on his face. He was mad. He managed to get up, he began to charge up, getting louder over time, eventullay getting Silver to hear him.

Silver: Huh?

As Silver flew over to see Trunks charging up, he was shocked, he thought he had killed him. Trunks finished charging, his hair now golden. He had turned into the legendary Super Saiyan.

Silver: What?! How is he doing that without the emeralds?!

Silver floated down to the road Trunks was on. The two time-travellers started each other in the eye. Trunks took out his sword yet again, while Silver began to pick up rubble around him. Silver then chucked it at Trunks but Trunks destroyed them with simple Ki Blasts. Trunks then flew at Silver and punched him into a building. Trunks then walked into the building after punching Silver.

Trunks: Hello? Anybody in here?

Trunks continued to walk around, until he heard something crumble, and at that moment, the entire building collapsed on top of him.

And up on top of another building, we see Silver using his Psychic Powers to crush the building. Trunks then shouted as the debirse of the buildings litterally flew off him somehow. The Saiyan flew up to the hedgehog but Silver flew back to avoid it. Trunks then continued to chase Silver around the city.

Trunks: Get back here! 

As they were flying, the Super Saiyan fired a barrage of Ki Blasts at the hedgehog, Silver dodged them as he grabbed a few and hurled them back at Trunks. The yellow blasts flew back at the saiyan who threw them, but he was able to dodge them easily. Trunks has had enough, he flew at full speed in front of Silver and....


Silver was sent flying to the concrete face first. Some of his blood was splatterd across the road. Trunks had smashed Silver straight to the ground. As the hedgehog tried to stand up, his attempts were brought to an end as he saw Trunks above him. 

Trunks grabbed Silver and threw him on top of a building and starts doing hand gestures, he then formed a diamond shape in his hands. He had a clean shot on a faded Silver, and he wasn't going to waste it. He fired the Burning Attack at Silver, leaving the building easily destroyed.

As the rubble was left there, Trunks did the hand gestures again and fired another Burning Attack.

And he did the hand gestures AGAIN. And fired ANOTHER Burning Attack.

And he-You know what? Screw it! Let's just say he fired a alot of Burning Attacks, ok?! Jeez.....

Anyways, a few Burning Attacks later.

Trunks was floating in the air, he had just fired about 7 Burning Attacks at Silver, he knew he had won.

But what he did not know, that he was wrong.

As Trunks walked away, 7 coloured gems hovered above the rubble of the building and formed a circle. Silver was lifted into this hovering circle of the Chaos Emeralds. A bright light then glowed across the screen.

Silver had just became Super Silver. And he had one thing on his mind.


And with that, the yellow hedgehog flew to find the Trunks. 

On the other side of the city. 

Trunks, back in his normal form, took out a tiny capsule, opened it, and out came his Time Machine. Just as he was about to hop into it, he saw a huge building being hurled towards him. Trunks, while shocked, shot a Ki Blast at it, destroying it. 

Trunks: That was close. Wait, who threw that building?

He then had a sudden realziation.

Silver was still alive. 

And he.



Trunks hopped out of his time machine and went back into his Super Saiyan state. He began to sense Silver's life energy. He then shot a Ki Blast at building. As the building was destroyed, he saw Silver, now in his Super Form.

Trunks: So...this most be the rip-off Dad told me abo-

Silver threw a building at Trunks, interupting him. But Trunks simply cut it in half with his sword. But, from behind, Silver kicked Trunks in the back. As Trunks was sent flying into the air, Silver teleported in front of him and used his telekinesis to throw him into Trunk's time machine, as Silver flew down towards him, Trunks flew up and did an axel kick, sending Silver flying into his time-machine.

The Golden Hedgehog landed inside, face first. As he landed in the seat, he looked around him, he didn't know this was a time machine, so he got somewhat confused. While he was inspecting, Trunks landed inside aswell, delivering an elbow to Silver. However, Silver seem to be unscathed. Trunks began punching Silver, but Silver dodged it and accidentally punched the button that turned on the time machine.

Trunks: Oh oh....

The top of the time machine closed as the time machine was begining to trave.

Silver: Uh, what's going on?

And with that, the time machine travelled through space and time, ready to go to a new location. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor

The machine stopped, it had reached a new location, the top of the time machine lifted up, and Trunks uppercutted Silver out of it.

As the hedgehog was sent flying through the air, he was sent plummeting to a nearby road, in between two men. One was wearing a green, clunky armour with a red ball of energy in his hands, and the other was in a red and gold clunky suit.

Lex Luthor: Let me tell you something Stark, there's only one man in this world meant to play such a role....

Just as Luthor was about to fire the ball, he was grabbed by Silver's telekenisies, along with Iron Man, and both are hurled at Trunks.

As the two men in huge armours were sent flying at Trunks, Trunks barely managed to take out his sword in time and cut them both in half.

Trunks: Uh, sorry about that....

Iron Man: Oh not it's fine, you just CUT ME IN HALF, THAT'S ALL!

Trunks: Jeez, no need to be such a dow-

Trunks was interuppted by car hurled at him by Silver, knocking him into the time machine. As the golden-hedgehog flew over to the time machine, Trunks jumped up from the time machine, grabbed Silver, and brought him into the time machine with him.

As they fell in together, Trunks' back hit the button that turns it on. The top of the time machine went down, and they were sent to another era in time again.


Ken Masters vs. Sub-Zero

The time machine landed in a graveyard. The two fighters got out the time machine and began flying around the graveyard. Trading blow for blow. While they were fighting, Trunks began to think.

Trunks: (thinking) This guy really is strong, I gotta make sure I am fully focused.

As Ken and Sub-Zero were fighting down below, they looked up and saw the saiyan and the hedgehog. Sub fired an ice-ball at the two for interupting their battle, but Silver grabbed it and hurled it at Trunks. The saiyan dodged it barely, and Trunks delivered a punch to Silver that sent him flying towards Ken and Sub. 

As the hedgehog was sent flying at full speeds towards the duo, he managed to put himself back on track using his psychic powers. He then proceeded to float down to the ground.

Trunks: (thinking) How did he not get sent flying to the ground?! He must be good....I may have to tap into the next grade of Super Saiyan....

As Silver landed, he saw the ice ninja approaching him.

Sub-Zero: Your power is...amazing...Please, shake my hand.

As Silver took out his hand, a fist popped through Sub-Zero's chest and said fist was punched by Trunks, the punch hit Silver and he was sent  into the time machine. As Silver was sent flying, Trunks flew after him, but was grabbed teleknetically and thrown into the time machine.

As they both landed, Trunks' head hit the button that turned it on. 

And with that, they were off again.


As Ken saw the lifeless body of Sub-Zero on the ground after one single punch, he slowly backed away....


Little Mac vs. Balrog

As the two landed inside the middle of a wrestling ring, the two hopped out and they saw Little Mac and Balrog in shock. Trunks tried to get a punch in on Silver, but he dodged it, and ended up hitting Mac, sending him flying. Balrog, pissed off at Trunks and Silver for interupting his fight, punched Trunks in the face.

....And ended up breaking his arm.

As the boxer squaled in pain, he fell to the ground and grabbed hold of his broken arm. Suddenly, Trunks was lifted by Silver and thrown out of the building and onto a road outside. Silver flew outside and kicked Trunks as he was getting up, sending him flying to a nearby building. 

After a bit, the building was silent, Silver was standing tall, and Trunks wasn't in sight. He thought he had won.

Boy was he wrong.

As Silver was walking away, the building finally erupted and was reduced to nothing more then rubble, under the rubble, however, was Trunks. But he was.....different, to say the least. He was much more muscely, and his hair was alot bigger.

Trunks: the Second Grade Super Saiyan. 

As Trunks walked towards Silver, he stopped for a bit, then flew out full speeds towards Silver. He punched him and sent him flying. 

As the hedgehog was sent soaring through the air, he landed back in the time machine, as he floated up, Trunks appeared out of nowhere and smashed him back into the machine. As he was sent back in, his head hit the on button, and, as usual in this fight, they were off again. 

Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the travelers of time landed in their new location, it seemed to be a pre-historic like place, however, one not so prehistoric-looking, black-called, robot-like man, was standing alone, confused beyond belief.

Darth Vader: What is the meaning of this?

Suddenly, another robot-like man in a green cloack appeared from behind and sent Vader flying towards a dinosaur, but Vader takes out his lightsaber and slices the top half of the dinosaur's head off. As the dead dino stands, Silver grabs it telekentically and flings at Trunks who punches it, causing it to explode into a bloodymess. 

As Doom charged Vader towards various trees in a forest, Trunks grabs Silver and proceeds to do the same. Until all four reach a volcano.

As they all get up, Vader and Trunks are next to each other, Trunks gets up and begins firing Ki Blasts which Silver grabs telekenetically, while Vader tries to force-choke Doom, but fails due to Doom's suit. Trunks and Vader swung their swords at Silver and Doom, but missed. Silver and Doom begin walking to Trunks and Vader, catching the Ki Blasts and resisting the force choke. Silver and Doom finally reach Trunks and Vader.

Vader: It is pointless to res-

Doom emits an electrical charge to Vader while Silver fires back all the Ki- Blasts he grabbed at Trunks, significantly damaging both. As they were both on the ground, Silver grabs Trunks and throws him into the volcano and Doom simply kicks Vader in.

Doom: You have no hope! HAHAHAHAHAHA-

However, Vader's lightsaber comes back, hitting Doom in the back and sending him into the volcano.

Silver: Few, glad that didn't happen to m-

Suddenly, Trunks' sword came back, hitting Silver in the back and sending him into the volcano. 

As all four fighters were in the volcanon, Vader regains his lightsaber from Doom's back and tries to slash at Silver, but the hedgehog grabbed Vader. As Doom was above all the fighters, he took out a small pebble.

Doom: Got you!

...which turned into a massive boulder. He flung it at Vader, but Silver threw Vader out the side of the volcanon, creating a hole in the side. Silver dodged the boulder, letting Trunks take the hit and fall into the lava. As the half-saiyan screamed as he dipped in, Silver let out a faint smile, he had done it, he had defeated the Iblis Trigger.

As Doom time travelled back to Latervia, Silver floated out of the volcano to find Trunks' time machine. But suddenly, the volcanon erupted! Lava went flying out at what seemed faster then the speed of sound. 

Silver was shocked, how could lava becoming out this fast?! But then, he realized, Trunks must have still been alive. 

As Silver flew back to the volcano, the lava stopped, and there, he saw Trunks, covered in lava and burn marks and in his 3rd Grade Super Saiyan form. He roared at Silver and punched him, sending him flying into the air. 

As Silver managed to gain control once again, he knew he had to end this. But how? 

Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. He took the sword that was lodged in his back out and flew towards the burning coprse of Darth Vader, with Trunks chasing him along the way. Once he finally reached his corpse, Trunks get ready to deliver one final punch, while Silver picked up Vader's lightsaber. As Trunks swung his fist forward, Silver used his pyschic powers to send both the lightsaber and Trunks' own sword into the half-human half-saiyan's chest. As the Super Saiyan screamed, Silver floated into air and began to form a blue sort of energy in his hand, which he then forms into a knife-like wave. Trunks, despite the pain, flew towards Silver in an rage, only for Silver to teleport behind him. Silver then fired the projectile......


As Trunks reverted back to his base form, the energy disappeared into thin air, blood began to ooze out of Trunks' waist, two halves of his body becoming separated. The top half of his body began to slide off, and after a bit finally hitting the ground. Silver turned back to his normal form, completely healed. As Silver floated back to Trunks' time machine, he had created something he had wanted for a long time.


Silver let out a small smile.

The pain.

The suffering.

The Iblis Trigger.

They were all finally dead.



Boomstick: Silver you fucking idiot that wasn't the Iblis Trigger what are you on about-

Wiz: Ugh, as much as I hate having to admit that pothead won the fight, I can atleast take pride knowing this was easily our closest match yet. Sure, Trunks did severly outclass Silver when he was in baseform, but Silver had ways of nearly every approach of Trunks. Ki-Blasts? He could reflect them. Trying to get up close? His insane reaction speeds and him liking to keep his distance say otherwise. His sword? Silver could simply take it away from him and stab Trunks. 

Boomstick: However, when Silver entered his Super Form, the fight took a drastic turn, considering he's comparable to Super Sonic, who could defeat a full power Dark Gaia, who in a weakened state can do [1], he could easily hold his own, and even overpower Trunks. 

Wiz: All in all, Base Form Silver could counter-act anything Trunks threw at him, while he could use Super Silver to secure the win.

Boomstick: Looks like Silver winning wasn't a dream, it was an absolution.

Wiz: The winner, is Silver the Hedghog!

Note from Bon.

Hey guys, Bon here. So, I hope you all enjoyed the battle. I feel as if I outdid my self on this one. However, this isn't the point of the note, the point of it is to pay my respects to the Satoru Iwata, who recently passed away. The man created my childhood, and without him, I probably wouldn't even be here, creating battles. 

R.I.P Iwata, you truly will be missed.

This is a What-If? Death Battle made by Riolu-San.


These two time travelers came from a doomed future, to prevent it, but in the end it doesn't really matter, yet the constantly go back to help their friends, which of these two is supererior?!


Riolu-San: Time is something in our world that defines everything. Without time we would not exist.

Dark Riolu: But when you can change something bad that happened, such as an inaccurate assumption, or using it to get Pokemon Sun and Moon before the game even comes out, and post videos of it to YouTube because you are scum. Who wouldn't want to change time?

Riolu-San: Trunks, the Super Sayain from a doomed future...

Dark Riolu: And Silver, the time traviling hedgehog, who his community treats like it is one of their crappy OCs, no offense to anyone but Riolu-San of course. He's a loser with no life and I'm Dark Riolu.

Riolu-San: And it's our job to analyze their weapons armor and skills to predict who would win a Death Battle...

Trunks VS Silver The Hedgehog is a What-If? DEATH BATTLE featuring Trunks from the Anime/Manga Series Dragon Ball and Silver the Hedgehog from the Video Game Series Sonic.


Dragon Ball VS Sonic! These two Time Travelers only have one goal, too prevent their dark future from happening however only one of them will accomplish their goal as they face off! Whose Future Future Will Be Saved and Whose Will Be Doomed?!?!?!






Who would you be rooting for?

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