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There's no more Eddie! And no more symbiote! Only Venom!
~ Venom to Ashley as he punches the wall down right behind him

We are VENOM!
~ Venom

I like being mad, it makes me happy.
~ Venom to Spider-Man

You know nothing about us. But, we know everything about you! You see us everywhere, even in your nightmares!
~ Venom to Spider-Man

And it was hatred for Spider-Man that brought us together as Venom! How shall we thank the web-slinger? Perhaps we could kiss his still-beating heart -- just before we devour it!
~ Venom

No one's being controlled! We simply share the same desire: your destruction!
~ Venom

We are poison to BOTH Peter Parker and Spiderman. We are VENOM! Destroying you now will be too easy. You haven't suffered enough, and we want to dismantle you piece by piece.
~ Venom

Venom is a character from Marvel. While a symbiote, his abilities have been used through his usual host bodies Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson. He's set to fight in the 74th Death Battle episode against Bane from DC Comics.

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Known as Venom, the amorphous blob is of a race known as the Klyntar. A benign race, the Klyntar follow an ideal to aid others and attempt to establish symbiosis with ideal beings to create heroes. But some of Klyntar end up bonding with hosts who are either immoral or outright evil, becoming a corrupt space faring culture dedicated to infecting and overtaking planets to suck the lives out of their hosts.

By chance, a corrupted Klyntar who desired a true symbiosis like his untainted kin and ended up on Earth and bonded onto Spider-Man before the web-crawler realized the negative effect the entity posed and forced it off. But the symbiote, developing a grudge against Spider-Man, formed a symbiosis with another person with issues against the web-crawler: Eddie Brock. Thus Venom was born while siring Carnage and five other symbiotes. While Venom has a good relationship with Brock due to their mutual hatred for Spider-Man, the two ended up parting ways.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Host: Edward Charles Allen Brock
  • Height: 6'3"/190.5 cm
  • Weight 230 lbs/104 kg
  • Planet of Origin: Klyntar
  • Graduated from Empire State University with a BA in journalism
  • Has possessed over 30 hosts

Powers & Abilities

  • Increased strength, speed, and durability
  • Shapeshifting
    • Webbing
    • Gliding
    • Decoys
    • Can sprout tendrils or spikes
  • Invisibility
  • Rapid healing


  • Threw a car several blocks
  • Survived an exploding power plant
  • Defeated Spider-Man, Electro, & Juggernaut
  • Withstood blows from the Hulk
  • Held up Ferris Wheel while weakened
  • Eddie can bench press over 500 pounds

Death Battle Info (Fanon)

While able to alter his body for Brock's use, usually tentacles, Venom also possess a majority of Spider-Man's powers, including Spider-sense to detect others of his kind like his spawn. This also gives his host a advantage when it comes to a sneak attack on Spider-Man. He sometimes has a psychic link with Spider-Man, which allows him to be ignored by the Spider-Sense.

List of Known Hosts

30 in total

Other Symbiotes and Symbiote Hosts

  • Carnage
  • Anti-Venom
  • Toxin
  • Scream
  • Hybrid
  • Iron Man Armor Model 50 is a symbiote fused with liquid-metal that mimics the basic Ironman Armor.
  • Red Hulk once had the powers of Ghost Rider and a symbiote combined [1]
  • Wolverine [2]


  • Shares or mimics most of Spiderman's abilities.
    • Webbing (via shapeshifting)
    • Spideysense and superhuman agility
      • Able to dodge or catch bullets
    • Contains Spiderman's memories and sometimes depicted with a psychic link to Spiderman
      • This link makes Venom undetected by Spidey-Sense.
    • Can climb on walls and ceilings.
  • Significantly stronger and more durable than Spiderman.
    • Can lift 13 tons (33% stronger than Spiderman)
    • Bulletproof
  • Healing factor
    • Allows Vemon to survive lethal blows; including broken bones, explosions, amputation or impaling.
    • Can expell poison from his body.
  • Massive teeth and Tongue
  • Claws
  • Psudo-liquid body has some shape-shifting abilities (however Venom cannot alter the shape of his host body and must shapeshift around it).
    • Camouflage and invisibility
    • Can create/mimic any kind of clothing
    • Tentacles
    • Spikes and weapons
    • Flight by creating wings
  • Can create a second mouth (Spectacular Spiderman)
  • Can reproduce asexually.
  • Can eat and fire bullets.
  • Feeds on brains.


  • Defeated Rhino and other members of the Sinister Six.
  • Defeated Juggernaut.
  • Survived absurd blunt force blows from Hulk and Juggernaut.
  • Lifted a Ferris Wheel despite being injured by a sound-gun.


  • Losing streak against Spiderman.
  • Sensitive to vibrations, noise, extreme cold and heat.
  • The Symbiote has a mind of its own and can leave its current host if it finds a better one.
    • The Symbiote prefers to bond to Spiderman rather than Eddie; at times, defecting from Eddie in an attempt to return to Spiderman.
    • The Symbiote corrupts the host as the alien attempts to merge with them mentally.
  • Healing factor has limits; can burn out if he takes too much damage.
  • Eddie Brock has no superpowers without the Symbiote.
    • Any attacks that bypass the Symbiote might harm Eddie. (However Venom can heal Eddie)
  • Insane.



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