Vergil DMC4
Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything... let alone yourself.
~ Vergil to Dante

Vergil is a character from the Devil May Cry video game series. He previously faced Sephiroth in 2 episodes of One Minute Melee. He fought Sephiroth again in the Season 4 finale of Death Battle. He has also appeared in DBX where he has fought against Hakumen from the BlazBlue series.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4
  • Draws: 0

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The eldest twin son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and his human wife Eva, both his life and his younger brother Dante's were forever changed when they watched helplessly as demons killed their mother. Believing himself responsible for not being able to protect her, Vergil sought absolute power by any means necessary, going so far as to cast aside his humanity and embrace his demonic heritage.

Death Battle Info (Official)


  • Height: 6'4" | 193 cm
  • Weight: approx. 182 lbs | 83 kg
  • AKA the Son of Sparda
  • Half human, half demon
  • Master of Iaijustsu
  • Became Nelo Angelo
  • Was once robbed after losing a drinking game


  • Yamato
    • Cuts through dimensions.
  • Beowulf
    • Element: Light
    • Can fire light as a projectile.
  • Force Edge
  • Summoned Swords
    • Spiral Swords
    • Blistering Swords
    • Sword Storm
    • Heavy Rain


  • Superhuman prowess
  • Rapid regeneration
  • Teleportation
  • Judgement Cut
  • Dimensional Slash
  • Lunar Phase
  • Dark Angel
  • Devil Trigger


  • Survived being cut in half.
  • Killed 8 demons in one second.
  • Destroyed 108,000 raindrops in less than one second.
  • Escaped Arkham's demonic illusion.
  • Scales to Dante, who caught the Savior's punch.
  • Defeated Arkham, Beowulf, Agnus, Dante.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Age: 18 (DMC3) 29 (DMC1)
  • Height: 5'11" (180 cm); estimated
  • Weight: 195.5 lbs (88.67 kg); estimated
  • Twin brother of Dante
  • Biological father of Nero
  • Half-human, half-demon
  • God Tier in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Leader of a group of terrorists/freedom fighters in an alternate universe



  • Once wielded by Sparda.
  • Resembles a katana.
  • Has magical properties.
  • Can cut objects from a distance.
  • Fires energy blades when swung.
  • Can be thrown like a boomerang.
  • Can disappear/reappear at will.
  • Capable of cutting through dimensions.
  • Said to be capable of cutting through anything.
    • Aerial Rave: Continuous slash in mid-air.
    • Upper Slash: Slash that launches enemies into the air.
    • Rapid Slash: Dashes forward and thrusts into an opponent.
      • Missed target or opponents behind him are sliced up.
      • Disappears from the naked due to sheer speed.
    • Judgement Cut: Long-range slash.
      • Can repeatedly slash up to three times, with perfect timing.
      • When performed at the right time, the attack gets more powerful.


  • Grieves and gauntlets fashioned from Beowulf's remains.
  • Shares the name of Beowulf the Lightbeast.
  • Can shoot energized balls of light as projectiles from the gauntlets.
  • Can create small super-novas by slamming his fist against the ground.
  • Can charge each attack for greater damage.
  • Increase Vergil's melee attack power and speed, making him a powerhouse.
    • Lunar Phase: Revolving kick.
    • Rising Sun: Multi-kick attack.
      • Launches Vergil upward.
    • Killer Bee/Starfall: Powerful aerial downward kick reaching over supersonic speeds.

Force Edge

  • Once wielded by Sparda.
  • True demonic power is locked away.
  • Requires both halves of the Perfect Amulet to unlock it.
  • Can be dual-wielded with Yamato for certain combos.
  • Future weapon of Dante and Trish.
    • Helm Breaker: Aerial downward slam into the ground.
    • Stinger: Fast-moving dashing stab.
    • High Time: Upward slash.
      • Launches Vergil upward.
    • Round Trip: Hurls Force Edge at opponents.
      • Returns to wielder like a boomerang.
      • Can create a vacuum to suck in surrounding enemies.
    • Stinger: A high-speed forward lunge, ramming into enemies with Force Edge.

Demonic Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility & Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability & Endurance
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Can survive without oxygen
  • Power increases while in Hell


  • Teleports Vergil.
  • Can teleport forward, backward, into the air, and downward (In the air).
  • Useful for dodging attacks, closing distances and gaining an opening opponent on the opponent.

Summoned Swords

  • Summoned Swords: Spectral swords resembling Force Edge that can fire at opponents as projectiles.
  • Spiral Swords: A barrier of swords that circles around him, cutting any enemy who gets near.
  • Sword Storm: Swords circle over an enemy before firing.
  • Blistering Swords: Swords fire in rapid succession from behind Vergil.

Devil Trigger

  • Unleashes full demonic potential.
  • Physical and magical attributes amplified.
  • Regenerates health throughout the duration.
  • Lasts for a limited time.


  • Defeated Dante in their first outing without Devil Trigger.
  • Defeated Sparda-powered Arkham with Dante.
  • Possibly the best swordsman in the series.
  • Rapid Slash and Judgement Cut virtually unblockable.
  • Mastered Devil Trigger long before Dante.
  • Escaped an illusion by simply cutting through it.
  • Killed Beowulf the Lightbeast with very little effort.
  • Defeated Wolverine and took away the Murasama sword (UMvC3 only; non-canon).
  • Created a briefly open space in a rainstorm in his duel with Dante.


  • Defeated by Dante in their third battle and twice as Nelo Angelo.
  • Defeated and brainwashed by Mundus.
  • Yamato was broken.
  • Likely never surpassed Sparda.

Alternate Forms

Nelo Angelo


Vergil vs. Sesshōmaru

  • "I came here seeking a worthy opponent. I've searched for some time, but now here you are... and no demon in this entire realm offers as much of a challenge as yourself." (to Sesshōmaru on his purpose in his world)
  • "You have weapons, yet you scratch at me with your claws. Tell me... Why do you hesitate to draw your blades?" (to Sesshōmaru, inquiring why he had yet to use either of his swords)
  • "So... your father's blade will not harm his kin? Or rather..." (to Sesshōmaru upon no damage being dealt by Tenseiga)
  • "A blade that cannot cut the living. What kind of father would give their heir such a worthless weapon?" (to Sesshōmaru upon realizing Tenseiga's non-lethality)
  • "Look at these swords. These are the blades of my father... Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight. You will remember them, Sesshōmaru."(to Sesshōmaru while wielding Yamato and Force Edge)
  • "You truly are a challenge as I had hoped. Now... One of us will stand and one of us will fall" (to Sesshōmaru as they prepare for their final clash)
  • "You said you were done underestimating me." (to Sesshōmaru after his opponent couldn't believe Vergil surviving his attack)
  • "Will you really run from this battle?" (to Sesshōmaru as he remained in midair out of his reach)