Victor Crowley
Victor Crowley, hatchet face! There was a time where his father went nuts and whacked him in the face with a hatchet one night. It had something to do with him being all ugly or... something... anyways, he died. They say if you get close to the house, you can still hear Victor Crowley crying for his dad at night...
~ Shawn telling a story about Victor Crowley, from Hatchet (2006)

Victor Crowley is the serial killer from the Hatchet series of movies.

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Victor Crowley was born deformed due to a curse placed onto his mother, by his father's first wife dying from stomach cancer, when she found out about him cheating on her, upon birth, Victor Crowley's mother died upon laying eyes on him and for most of his life, was kept hidden away at home from the outside world by his father who still loved him. One day on Halloween, while his father went somewhere, a group of kids wanting to see what Victor Crowley looks like tried to get his attention getting him to look out the window by throwing firecrackers, only to set the house on fire, just in time for his father to come back home and witness it, the kids then runs away and his father tries to save his son by trying to hack down the door, unfortunately, a scared and terrified Victor Crowley whom was trying to find a way to escape had his head pressed against the door and was accidentally killed when his father hits him with the hatchet. Angry and upset, he confronted the kids who were responsible for the fire, but their parents denied it. Ten years later, his father eventually died of a broken heart.

But Victor Crowley was not truly gone, ever since he died. He had came back as an undead being roaming the swamp, trapped in the night, searching for his deceased father and killing those he comes across with.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Born deformed
  • Undead
  • Serial killer of Honey Island Swamp


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Extreme Pain Tolerance
  • Reanimation
    • Everytime he's killed, he comes back


  • His Signature Weapon
    • About a foot long
    • Very sharp edges on both sides

Strengths & Feats

  • Can tear people apart with just his bare hands
  • Capable of sneaking up to people without even being heard
  • Survived being shot, set on fire, hacked and even sliced in half
  • Came back from death, twice
  • Single handedly took down a SWAT team
  • Survived an explosion


  • Not very smart
  • Can be truly killed if the ashes of his deceased father is poured onto him