Good riddance, human scum! The world's better off without you!
~ Viridi

Viridi is the goddess of nature from the video game series, Kid Icarus.

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Though she resembles a eight year old girl with blonde-hair, Viridi is much older than any human adult with the mind of a twenty-four year old. While not actually, Viridi sees the human race as a threat to the world and attempts to deal with them with her enforcers and the Forces of Nature. But during the Aurum invasion, and the truth of Hades's agenda, Viridi allies with Palutena for her own reasons.

Death Battle Info

While she has no seen direct combat, Viridi claimed her fingernails are very strong, capable of displacing entire rivers, leveling mountain ranges and, eviscerate the planet's core if she felt like it.

Normally Viridi uses her Forces of Nature to fight for her while using Reset Bombs to wipe out an area in an explosion of terraforming energy.


  • Cares for her monsters as if they are her children.
  • Viridi also has a tendency to break the fourth wall, usually to stop others from breaking it.
  • Videogame know-it-all.


  • Despite putting him on the top of her "to-kill" list, Viridi developed a crush on Pit.