I'M NUMBER ONE! Heh, hehehehe! Look, I'ma dance, I'ma sing, I'ma so happy! HA, hahahahaha!...Heh? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
~ Waluigi, Mario Tennis

Waluigi is Luigi's rival. His relationship to Wario is unclear, aside from being his tennis partner.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 4
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents

With Wario

With Mario, Luigi and Wario

  • Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny (South Park)
  • Callie, Marie, Pearl and Marina (Splatoon)

Death Battle Info

Waluigi has athletic power comparable to many other Mario characters. In general, compared to Mario and Luigi, he is shown to be slightly less strong and has worse reflexes, but is a better jumper. Despite his reflexes though, Waluigi is capable of great finesse. His best attribute when playing sports is typically Technique, and he can contort many parts of his body. His status as being one of the best dancers in the Mushroom Kingdom is a testament to this.

Waluigi also seems to have some air-related abilities. He can swim through the air, much like an evolved version of Luigi's flutterkick, Ground Pound, and summon tornadoes. His signature weapon is the Bob-omb. These explosive minions explode either a few seconds after being thrown or upon impact. He also seems to have some experience using mass hypnosis, which he channeled via dancing.


  • Beat Bowser in a fist fight.
  • Destroyed a machine by hitting it hard enough with a tennis ball.
  • Took a castle sized and a stadium sized explosion.
    • Also withstood ten direct hits by bob-ombs in rapid succession.
  • Can smash rocks roughly his own height be ground pounding them three times.
  • Mushroom Kingdom's best dancer.
    • Almost took over The Mushroom Kingdom with his dancing skills.
  • Can fly by swimming?
  • Very good at cheating.
  • Survived the explosion of about 100 Bob Ombs. (Mario Power Tennis)
  • Runs a Briadal Boutique


  • Often relies on aid from Wario.
  • Intelligent at points, but lacks common sense or good judgement in action.
  • Lacks abilities or equipment specifically tailored for combat.
  • Is extremely self-critical and self-loathing, and feels that he is cheated by Fate.
  • Clumsy.
  • Has never defeated Luigi.


  • So far, not even to appeared in any game in the main series of Mario Bros, only in spin-offs.
  • Waluigi is talented in a wide number of sports, most notably Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and Football.
  • Is estimated to be about 216 cm tall (7' 1").