Wario VS Scourge is a What if? Death Battle created by Chompy-King, it later got adopted by Raiando, it features Wario from Mario series and Scourge The Hedgehog from Archie Sonic franchise.


Nintendo VS Sega/Archie Comics, these two Crazy Doppelgangers of the Most Iconic Video Game Characters are Duking out, can Wario's obese weight crush Scourge's bones or will Evil Sonic outspeed Greedy Treasure Hunter?


(Cue Invader - Main Theme)

Wiz: They are characters of the twisted and wrong. They wrong the rights. They are the copycats of the brave heroes who came before them. They are...the evil twins.

Boomstick: Wario, Super Mario's greedy and mischievous rival...

Wiz: And Scourge, Sonic's green, sinister-meaning twin.

Boomstick: Now, while we would normally stick to the bare essentials for a Mario VS Sonic fight, as the Sonic Super Forms can be countered by Mario Power-ups, we won't be doing that this battle.

Wiz: Since Wario does possess his Wario Man form, unlike an other Mario character, and Scourge's Super Form acts different from, say, Sonic's, Knuckles, or Shadow's, we will be allowing the combatants to use these forms in this Death Battle.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

(Death Battle Doors close and open for Wario's bio)


(Cue: Course 1 - Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land)

Wiz: The Mushroom Kingdom is an amazing and magical place to be. However, that doesn't exactly mean it is the safest. Great villains like King Bowser and Lord Fawful constantly attack this wonderful place. That's when Super Mario, the famous hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, steps in to save the day.

Boomstick: Just like he has millions of times before! However, with Mario having so much fame, their is bound to be that one person who is jealous. So jealous, that they started a life long rivalry with Mario, and made it their job to one day defeat him and steal his fame. His name is...Wario. AH! HE'S HIDEOUS!

Wiz: Actually, there is more too Wario's origins and his past his past with Mario than that, Boomstick. You see, Mario and Wario were actually childhood friends growing up. They went to plumbing school together. Everyday after school, the two would go back to Mario's house and play their silly games such as Cowboys and hide and seek.

Boomstick: Really?! Who would want to be friends with that...that...thing!

Wiz: Exactly, Boomstick. Mario was Wario's only friend. However, when the two played their favorite game, Cowboys, Mario always got to be the good guy, while Wario was the bad guy who always got chased around by Mario and ended up getting "captured." They played Cowboys 1,256 times, and every time except once was Wario the bad guy who got chased around. The one time Wario did get to be the good guy sheriff? Mario laughed at him. Not only that, but in every game they played, Mario would always win.

Boomstick: Geez, and this kid who laughed and teased Wario is the same friendly and kind Mario that we have now? Talk about an attitude change! When Wario eventually grew ticked off with Mario because of this, and as they grew up, Mario became the "cool kid" at school, while Wario became the overshadowed, unpopular, fatty nerd. He grew very jealous of Mario's good looks and good grades at school.

(Cue: Wario's Castle - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)

Wiz: However, when Wario saw that Mario was now the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, with a girlfriend who is royalty, a loving brother, a great plumbing job, and millions of fans all over, that was when Wario finally snapped.

Boomstick: So, taking Mario's outfit as an inspiration, and with a creepy new sidekick and partner in crime named Waluigi, who was also a loser, by his side, he became Mario's ultimate rival.

Wiz: Wario started by trying to take over Mario's Castle -

Boomstick: Wait, what?! Since when did Mario have a CASTLE?!

Wiz: Anyway, long story short, things didn't end up too good for Wario. After this failure, Wario has kind off branched out, going on his own treasure hunting adventures and even starting a really successful gaming company, called WarioWare Inc. Yet time to time, Wario and his pal, Waluigi, will still barge in and give his rival and his brother a hard time, such as sneaking into kart races and cheating in sport events. However, when needed Wario will help Mario and his friends, but only for a reward like food or money.

Boomstick:So, with a long origin story aside, we can explain that name of his. Wario, simply the "M" in Mario flipped.

Wiz: Nope. You are wrong there, Boomstick. Why it seems obvious to assume that, Wario's name actually comes from the Japanese word for "Bad," which is known as "Warui," and mixed that with Mario's name, making Wario's name mean "Bad Mario". It is easier to understand when you look at Waluigi's name, where the name "Luigi" and the word "Warui" is mixed, and in Japan, you get the name "Waruigi," meaning "Bad Luigi."

Boomstick: The more you know!

(Cue: Greenhorn Forest - Wario World)

Wiz: Wario, commonly referred to Anti-Mario, possesses superior physical strength, enough to make him one of Nintendo's strongest characters, even though he has a remarkably short height. Wario is able to not only lift, but throw enemies almost 5 times his size very far and very quickly with no trouble at all. He can perform punch packing attacks such as the Corkscrew or the Pile-driver. One of his signature attacks involves him charging forward at high speed, and ramming through anything in his way with his muscly arm. Another allows Wario to slam the ground with his fist so hard, that the entire ground shakes and causes a mini earthquake, throwing his enemies off guard and making them too dizzy to stand.

Boomstick: Wario spends most of his time watching TV and eating whole heads of garlic. This makes him so fat, that he is able to crush enemies just by jumping on them! Wario's sheer weight is exactly 308 pounds. Hey! Just like my ex-wife! And Wiz's Mom!

Wiz: More like your Mama, Boomstick. Wario is known for eating just about everything in sight. With a bite of his inhumanly large jaws, Wario can eat almost anything. One of his signature attacks is to actually chew on his enemies.

Boomstick: OKAY, WHAT?! That's called cannibalism, kiddies! Don't do it! Jeez, now I know why parents say that video-games are bad for kids nowadays! Their promoting cannibalism!

Wiz: But Wario's most famous weapon is his Wario Bike. With this giant bike, Wario can speed around at incredible speeds, almost twice as fast as a normal motorcycle at it's limit can. Wario can ram into his enemies with it and run them over, as well as being able to throw it and crush it's victims. However, Wario is not exactly the best driver, as he lost his license way back in Mario Party 4. Another vehicle of his is Bulldog, a pink fighting plane Wario uses to navigate the skies. Wario also possesses a number of disguises that can help him in combat in their own special way, as well as giving him a stylish outfit.

Boomstick: In Wario's weaponry when he is in his Genius Wario disguise is the Ultra Hand. This extendable boxing glove will shoot forward and smash into and through anything in it's way when Wario pushes the two handles together. Genius Wario can also see invisible doors and warp pipes in this outfit. When in his Thief Wario disguise, he runs faster and can jump higher. Also, as Sparky Wario, not only can he control electricity like a boss, but he looks like a Dragon Ball character!

Wiz: Cosmic Wario, another one of Wario's disguises, gives Wario a spaceman outfit, and allows him too shoot burning hot laser beams from a ray gun. However, this disguise makes Wario much slower than before, but he can still float around. Let's not also forget Wario's Wicked Wario disguise, allowing him to fly without running out of energy for long periods of time. Also, Arty Wario, which allows our antihero to paint pictures of items he needs and then bring them to life so he can use them.

Boomstick: Captain Wario is one of Wario's lesser known and used disguises. This makes Wario a pirate, and allows him to shoot missiles from a little submarine he is given. It allows Wario to have great navigation when underwater, something he seriously lacks by himself. Captain Wario also has a sharp, dirty sword when in this disguise on land. Finally, Wario's last disguise is Dragon Wario. In this form, he can breath fire and is invulnerable to extreme heat. Hey! Just like a Hot Pocket! Y'know what, I'm going to go nuke myself one. Want one, Wiz?

Wiz: What?! We have a show to run! You can't have lunch in the middle of it!

Boomstick: I'll take that as a no.

Wiz: Wario's smarts is something that has confused many players. Sometimes, he shows a vast knowledge of machinery and tech, while other times, he can't pay attention for more than 10 seconds and can easily be manipulated. Wario's ultimate motive is treasure. Treasure and money is the only reason for Wario to do anything, and is the main reason of almost all his adventures. He's very greedy, and when he wants something, he gets his heart set on it and will go great distances just to get it.

Boomstick: Treasure doesn't actually make Wario physically stronger, but it pushes him to keep going, sometimes making him more powerful. Wario also possesses many variety of Power-Ups, starting of with Fire Flower and Super Carrot, Fire Flower gives him some Indian Feather for some reason and shoot Fireballs while Super Carrot gives him Bunny Ears that allow him to fly around for a short amount of time, Gee he's really the worst Playboy model, 3 magic pots to enhance him in combat. The Bull Pot allows him to charge forward and smash into enemies. The Jet Pot allows him to fly for short periods of time. And the Dragon Pot, which is the same as Dragon Wario. Now onto the Invinsibility Power-Ups, first is the Iconic Starman, it grants him Invunrability for a short time. And if Wario picks a Power Flower, he will become Metal Wario, a giant hunk of metal that can smash through anything and can survive anything! It also greatly increases Wario's punching force. Nintendo, you got it all wrong. A big and and buff man picks a flower and then becomes even manlier and a truckload more durable and powerful? Not exactly sure sure that's how it's supposed to work. If anything, it should make him weaker, if you know what I'm saying!

Wiz: Wario can also turn into a giant when he eats a Super Mushroom, making him bigger and stronger for a short time. Wario Man, however, is Wario's ultimate weapon and final resort. When Wario enters this form, he will take a bite out of Magic Garlic, and undergo a transformation as a cloud of gas forms around him. When the gas clears, a new person stands where Wario was - Wario Man.

Boomstick: So, creative naming aside, Wario Man is pretty much invincible. He barley flinches to anything, as well as getting a boost in all his powers. His strength doubles, if not triples, his speed, one of his weakest points, greatly increases, and he now has the ability to fly like a real superhero. Top that, Superman or Goku!

Wiz: This form makes Wario very dangerous for Wario's enemies, but sometimes, it makes Wario dangerous to himself. He is very clumsy in this form, slipping constantly because of moving too fast or throwing too many powerful punches at once. This could leave him vulnerable. Remember, he is very durable, but he isn't invincible.

Boomstick: And remember, if you see Wario patting his belly, RUN! He is about to do the Wario Waft, his most dangerous move he has. In this action, he farts a fart so explosive, that not only does he blow enemies back and blind them with putrid gases, but he himself actually gets blasted into the air so unbelievably high! The longer he doesn't use this move, the more he charges it up and the more explosive it is. And with Wario Man? The fart is ALWAYS explosive. But if the fart itself wasn't enough, he will surely try and crush you with his heavy body on the way back down!

(Microwave beeps.)

Boomstick: Yes! My Hot Pocket!

Wario was seen lifting up a huge lizard in his hands, he jumps up in the air and piledives her into the ground, she yells in agony as she ends up glowing in white and blows into pieces

(Cue Wario World victory theme)


(Death Battle Doors close and open for Scourge's bio)


(Cue: Scourge's theme song - Hail to the King)

Wiz: Scourge The Hedgehog. One of Sonic The Hedgehog's most dangerous and sinister enemies and possibly one of the most brutal and merciless fictional characters ever. Although, before he was Scourge, he was Evil Sonic, an almost identical clone to Sonic besides the dark outfit. Furthermore Evil Sonic had a very interesting past before he became the sinister Scourge.

Boomstick: Really great naming on that one, Sega and Archie. Evil Sonic? Really? You could not come up with a better name than simply Evil Sonic? Wow...

Wiz: At about the age of seven years old, Evil Sonic's father, and king of his Anti-Jules Hedgehog, had created the Great Peace and had promoted it all over their dimension of Moebius to save it from ruin and conflict. The Great Peace was basically a time period that joined everyone in a giant, peaceful group hug. The dimension, with no war or violence, was happy and peaceful, but Evil Sonic wasn't. Because of all the commotion over The Great Peace, his father didn't give him any attention, and Evil Sonic knew him as, as he said it, " a man with empty words."

Boomstick: Evil Sonic hated the Great Peace, being a follower of violence, and wanted to see the world, even if it was his own, burn and crumble before him. Ten years after the Great Peace was declared, the dimension started to become dark once again, reaching rock bottom. With the dimension, and his father, weak, Scourge swept in, dethroned his old man, probably assassinated him, and was ready to rule. Now THAT'S what I call revenge!

Wiz: One day, Evil-Sonic decided to team up with Rouge The Bat and steal the Master Emerald, while in the progress of stealing the Giant Emerald, Knuckles' Father: Locke caught them in the place and they started to fight, while Rouge managed to distract Locke, Evil-Sonic had a chance to get the Master Emerald and transform into his Super Form, and declaring it as his birthday gift, but before he could do so, Locke managed to give him a Chaos-Infused Punch, giving him Two Scars.

Boomstick: Geez, that's gonna hurt at 3 in the morning.'

Wiz: But Anti-Sonic recovered and he noticed that his Fur is changed to green and his Strenght was enchanced, so he decided to call himself Scourge The Hedgehog and claims that his Evil-Twin days is over.

Boomstick: But Scourge still uses the same attacks as Sonic's, so just because your fur color is changed and having your strenght enchanced doesn't mean you're completly original.

Wiz: Boomstick, you just Triggered the Sonic OC fanbase.

Boomstick: Anyway, as like i said, Scourge The Hedgehog has the same abilities as Sonic, being able to run at Supersonic Speed and able to keep up with Sonic, has the same Hand-To-Hand Combat as Sonic's, he also has the Iconic Spin Dash, ya know the move where Sonic curls up into a ball and charges into his opponents, as well the Homing Attack, Which is a self explanatory, also he got a Spiky Club.

Wiz: One more thing that Scourge has in his pocket is the Anarchy Beryls, which is like the Anti-Mobius counterpart to Chaos Emeralds.

Boomstick: With those, Scourge becomes into Super Scourge, in this form his Speed and Strenght Increases and also gives him Invunrability, also Super Scourge lasts a little longer than Super Sonic.

Wiz: Scourge has done incredible feats, like the fact that he Ran across Two Multiverses, and even defeated the combined forces of Freedom Fighters and Suppresion Squad while in his Super Form. However, the only downside of this form is when it runs out, Scourge's loses all the Stamina, Speed and Strenght, thus making him Helpless.

Boomstick: not to mention that Scourge can be really Arrogant at times, but Scourge The Hedgehog is a one Psychotic Hedgehog you don't wanna mess with.

Scourge The Hedgehog turns into his Super Form.

Super Scourge: Hail to the King Baby!

(Death Battle Doors close and open for the Pre-Fight)


Wiz: Alright! The combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Who are you rooting for?

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Who do you think will win?

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(Death Battle Doors close and open for the fight!)

It was a gloomy day outside of the Wario's Castle, The clouds are grey, the grass is grey looking, until suddenly a Giant Golden Ring appeared in the sky, two anthropomorphic animals comes from the Ring and land on the ground. The first guy was a green hedgehog that wears a biker outfit and red shades, he goes by the name of Scourge, the other was a red fox with black outfit, she goes by the name of Fiona, they both look around and see that they are in a different place.

Scourge: Hmmm, it looks like we find ourselves in a different place, maybe we should walk around and find something interesting.

Scourge and Fiona started to walk around and then saw a Castle

Fiona: Hey Scourge, look at this huge castle.

The Castle was really huge and it had a giant W symbol on it.

Scourge: Hmmm, looks like we're gonna dethrone another worthless ruler, let's go.

They both go to the Castle, the Green Sonic kicks down the Door with his Green Sneakers, and they all enter the Castle.

(Cue: Stonecarving City - Wario Land Shake It)

And for the surprise, they saw a huge pile of Golden Treasures around the Halls, Scourge lowers down his Red Shades.

Scourge: Wow, look at all these Treasures.

The Green Hedgehog and The Red Fox were so surprised to see all the Golden Treasures.

Fiona: Let's take out all these Goldies and break down this whole castle.

Scourge: Alright, let's do it.

The Green Hedgehog agreed to steal all the treasure and destroy the Castle, Scourge and Fiona started to steal Golden Coins, Statues and many other Treasures, later on they break down the pots and smash through the walls, finding more treasures behind the wall.

(Music Fades)

Meanwhile in the Top Roof in the Castle, we see a Fat man that wears Purple Overalls, Yellow Shirt and a Hat, he also has a Huge set of Teeth, the man goes by the name of Wario and he's sleeping on the bed, he starts to Panic in his sleep, the camera zooms into Wario's mind.

(Cue: Enter Boss Level - Wario Land Shake It)

We see that Wario was fighting against a Purple mysterious figure in a Dark Field, Wario tried to Punch the Purple Figure several times but it tanked the Punches, Wario tried to Elbow the Purple Figure but it didn't work either.

Purple Figure: Your attacks are nothing to me, I AM INVINCIBLE.

The Purple Figure starts to unleash bunch of blurry punches before finishing off with a Roundhouse kick, the Yellow Plumber was send into a stone, Wario then slowly gets up and tries to run away from the Purple Figure as fast as possible.

Wario: Waaaahahahaaa!

Purple Figure boosts towards Wario and grabs him from the throat.

Purple Figure: You can't run from me, now DIE!

The Purple Figure was about to rip his heart out, but thankfully it was all just a dream.

(Music stops)

Wario woke up from his nightmare and started to pant for a moment, suddenly Wario heard loud noises coming from the distance, Wario goes to check and see what's going on, so he gets out of the bedroom and rushes down all the way to the hallway, when he opened the door he saw two animals are taking away his treasure and breaking down his house, Scourge and Fiona stop for a moment and see The owner of the Castle: Wario.

(Cue: Wario World Remix - Greenhorn Funk)

Scourge: Oh hey, it looks like the owner of this castle just woke up.

Wario is really angry, so he charges towards both Scourge and Fiona and tried to punch them both, but the Green and Red animals jump back from Fat Man's punches.

Scourge: This guy sure is mad.

Wario angrily approaches towards Scourge and Fiona and cracks his knuckles.

Fiona: Good luck Scourge, you better beat that Fatso.

The Red Vixen left the castle from the outdoors, leaving Scourge alone.

Wario: Now it's your turn, you Green Cyclops.

Scourge: Alright fat plumber, it's on!

The Green Hedgehog and The Yellow Plumber both get into their fighting pose.


Death Battle

Wario vs scourge render2


The Fight begins with the Fat Plumber preparing his Elbow against Scourge, he charges towards Scourge and tried to ram him, but The Green Hedgehog jumps up and Wario ends up ramming the wall instead, Scourge curls into a Spiky Ball and bounces on Wario's head and hurting him, The Green Hedgehog gets on the ground and punches him twice and then he kicks Wario's stomach and knocks him away in a several meters.

Wario stands up and runs towards Scourge, he tried to punch him in the face but Green Sonic runs from Wario's naked eye and appears on his back, Yellow Mario looks his back to see Scourge, he tried to punch him again but Scourge runs to his back again, Scourge forms his legs in Figure 8 shape and says.

Scourge: You're too slow.

Wario: Hey

Wario starts to spin around his arm around at rapid passion and punch Scourge again, but Evil-Sonic uses Super Peel Out before he gets a punch in his face, Wario gets angry and smoke comes out from his ears, Wario pulls out the Jet Pod and transforms into Jet Wario, he boosts towards Scourge, Wario managed to keep up with Scourge and ram him on to the wall.

Scourge gets up and curls into a ball and starts to Charge his Spin Dash then he launches himself towards Wario, he was getting close towards The Yellow Plumber but the scene goes Slow Motion as Wario jumps up before Scourge could hit him, The Green Hedgehog in his Ball Form turns back towards Wario who just landed on the ground, Wario boosts towards Scourge and prepares to Elbow him again.

The Shoulder Bash and the Spin Dash collide each other, it created a small shockwave when collided,they both struggle to push each other away, but since Scourge is spiky for Wario's Elbow, he managed to push The Greedy Plumber away, knocking him to a broken wall.

Scourge: C'mon, step It up.

Scourge taunts Wario, The Greedy Plumber gets up and cracks his knuckles.

Wario: Alright you Green Rat, no more playing around.

Wario boosts towards Scourge with Jet Hat and punches Scourge real hard in the face with Left Hook, then Wario uses his Right Hook to punch Scourge in his Scarred Chest, thus knocking him away and falls on the ground, Scourge is now motionless, The Greedy Plumber walks towards Scourge and grabs him with his both hands, then Wario jumps up in the air and starts to spin Scourge around.

Wario: Have a Rotten day.

Then Wario Pile-drives Scourge on the ground, it gave the ground a huge crack, Scourge was badly damaged but he was still alive.

Wario: Wahh?

Scourge stands up and says.

Scourge: Now it's my turn.

Scourge runs towards Wario in a blur and grabs him with his Scrawny arms, he pummels Wario twice, puts him on the ground and starts to spindash on Wario's stomach.


Wario: Waaaahhh!!!

Wario screams in agony as The Green Hedgehog buzzsaws through his chest and Blood coming out, splattering everywhere, Scourge then kicks Wario up and sends him in Mid-Air, Scourge jumps up and does a Scissor Kick, it sends Wario all the way to the ceiling and loses his Jet Power-Up, the Yellow Plumber falls down from the ceiling and lands on the ground.

Scourge: How was that Fatso? Did you had fun?

Wario stands up and he's holding his bloody stomach, Wario takes out a Garlic and eats it, his wounds get restored.

Wario: Wahaha, time to heat things up.

Wario takes out the Dragon Pot and becomes Dragon Wario, he starts to Breath Fire on Scourge and burn him.

Scourge: Aaagghhh. The Green Hedgehog gets set on fire, Wario punches Scourge twice, Wario then throws Scourge up and equips with Bull Pot and becomes Bull Wario, Scourge was falling towards Greedy Plumber's metallic horns and gets impaled by them.

Scourge: Gah!

While the Green Hedgehog is stuck on Yellow Plumber's Metallic horns, Wario raises down his head and dashes towards the walls, he breaks through the walls like a drill and hurting Scourge too.

(Cue: VS Boss - Mega Man X8)

Wario and Scourge end up at Throne Room, The Yellow Plumber throws Scourge all the way to the wall.

Wario: Wahaha! You can't stop the almighty Wario you little Rat.

Scourge: Well, let's see.

Scourge stands up with a Spiky Club, Wario and Scourge are ready for a Viking Battle, Yellow Plumber raises down his head and charges towards Scourge, Green Hedgehog jumps over Wario before he could impale him again, Scourge smashes the Club on Wario's head.


Wario gets dizzy, Scourge smashes him in the face several times, Wario spits out blood from his mouth, Scourge is ready to launch Wario away, he Swings the Club towards Wario, The Yellow Plumber jumps before he could get hit, Wario prepares to crush Scourge with a Ground Pound, The Green Hedgehog looks up only to see Wario about to crush him, Scourge avoids The Ground Pound, however Wario's obese weight caused a Mini-Earthquake, Scourge ends up bouncing from the ground.

Wario leaps towards Scourge and does a Sex Kick, launching Scourge on the Ground, Wario then walks towards Scourge and picks him up with his Arms, he starts to shake Scourge like crazy.

Wario: Moneymoneymoneymoneymoney.

Wario was shaking Scourge so fast that The Green Hedgehog ends up dropping bunch of Rings, Wario throws Scourge away and literally sucks all the Rings with his wide mouth.

Scourge gets up from the Ground and boosts towards Wario, he punched Wario in the Chest and some Rings dropped, Scourge collects them and starts to run Circles around Wario, he was moving very fast for Wario's eyes, the Yellow Plumber gets really dizzy from the Green Hedgehog's Speed, Wario starts to walk like a drunk person.

Scourge: Hey! I'm over here.

Scourge taunts Wario, The Fat Plumber sees two Scourges in his vision, he tries to punch the Psychotic Hedgehog, but Scourge dodges the punch and kicks Wario.

Scourge: Hah! Missed.

Wario tries to punch him again but Scourge dodges and punches him in the face twice and kicks him in the Gut, then he does Multiple Homing Attacks at Wario before doing an Eagle Kick on Wario's Face, sending him to the Ground.

The Yellow Plumber gets up and shakes his head, Wario saw a nearby Pillar, Scourge turns around towards Wario, The Yellow Plumber picks up the Pillar and starts to spin it around and...

Wario: Good Luck!

Wario throws the Pillar towards Scourge, The Green Hedgehog curls into a Ball and does the Homing Attack, he destroys the Pillar. Wario saw bunch of Rocks on the ground, he lifts one of them up and throws it towards Scourge, but The Hedgehog breaks it with a Homing Attack, Wario throws the other rocks at Scourge, but The Hedgehog breaks them all with a Homing Attack once again.

Scourge is gets closer to Wario, he forms into a Ball once again and dashes at Wario, suddenly The Greedy Plumber opens his Wide Mouth and locks Scourge between his Large Teeth, he starts to Chomp his head several Times and a crunching sound can be heard, Wario then tosses Scourge on the Throne.

The Hedgehog head is now very bloody, so is Wario's Teeth, Wario then all the sudden wears a Purple Mask with a feather and becomes into Thief Wario, he dashes towards Scourge and hits him with his Shoulder and breaks the Throne, Wario jumps up and does a Ground Pound on Scourge, his obese weigh crushes Scourge and he coughes Blood.

Wario jumps out of Scourge, wears an Artist uniform and becomes Artsy Wario, The Yellow Plumber draws a Large Stone Block above Scourge, but Scourge quickly gets up and avoids the Block falling on him.

Wario: Wahh?

Wario's surprised to see Scourge is still alive, Artsy Wario draws another Crate above Scourge, but The Green Hedgehog jumps away, Scourge then curls into a Ball and Spin Dashes, he jumps over the Blocks and gives Wario a Surprise Attack, The Greedy Artist gets knocked all the way to a wall and leaves a crack.

Wario gets up and turns into Thief Wario again, he Smashes the wall with a Shoulder Bash and goes to another room, Scourge chases after Wario, Scourge kicks Wario from behind and Spirals towards a Platform, Wario wears a Devil uniform and becomes into Wicked Wario and starts to fly above the Platforms, Scourge uses the Platforms to reach Wario, The Green Hedgehog uses the Homing Attack towards Wicked Wario, but Wario flies Sideways and dodges the Homing Attack.

Wario: Wahahaha!

Wario continues to fly up while Scourge jumps Platform to Platform, both combatants reach the above, they look at each other in the eyes.

Scourge: Huh, not bad fatso, now let's see who's gonna fall first.

The Green Hedgehog curls into a Ball and prepares to Spin Dash, Wario becomes into Sparky Wario, he gets Spiky Anime Hair and electric abilities, Scourge Spin-Dashes towards Wario but The Electric Plumber created an Electricity around him and stunning Scourge in the Place, then he wears a Scientist Attire, becoming Proffesor Wario, he pulls out the Ultra Hand and punches Scourge in the gut, sending Scourge away from the Ledge.

Wario then sees a nearby Door, Wario jumps towards the Door and enters, Scourge The Hedgehog gets back in the ledge and chases after Wario, he Enters the Door and sees Wario with a Giant Faucet.

Scourge: What the heck?

Wario starts to Flood the room with the Faucet and sinking Scourge in the Water, Wario wears a Captain outfit and a Mini-Subwarine, becoming Captain Wario.

Captain Wario jumps into the water and goes in his Subwarine, he starts to shoot torpedoes towards Scourge, but The Green Hedgehog jumps over the Torpedoes and bounces on Wario's head and hurting him, Wario shoots more Torpedoes at Scourge but he jumped over them and pulls an Homing Attack on Wario, knocking him away.

(Cue: Drowning Theme - Sonic 1)

Suddenly a countdown appears on Scourge's head and a panicing music starts to play, it was the moment where Scourge needs an oxygen, Wario shoots a Torpedo at Scourge and blowing him away, Scourge falls right near to a Bubbly Ground, Scourge was about to lose his oxygen but luckily a Bubble blows up from the ground, The Green Hedgehog jumps up and inhales the Bubble.

(Continue previous Music)

Scourge now has an Oxygen, he runs towards Captain Wario and jumps towards him, he does a Scissor Kick and sending Wario out of water and landing next to the Faucet, Wario takes out Space Costume and becomes Cosmic Wario, he pulls out a Laser Gun and tries to shoot at Scourge who was in the Water, but The Green Hedgehog jumps over the Laser and does an Homing Attack towards Wario, Scourge got out of water and tackles Wario with Homing Attack.

Scourge: You got nothing on me, Space Boy.

Cosmic Wario shoots more Lasers on Scourge, he manages to dodge them all, Wario shoots one more laser and it managed to land on Scourge.

Scourge: Arrgh!

Scourge falls down on the ground, Wario goes towards Scourge and grabs him with his Arms, he starts to spin around Scourge repeatedly, after a few seconds of spinning Wario throws Scourge away, he gets slammed on a Wall and leaves a Small Crack, Wario prepares his Shoulder and charges towards Scourge, he bashes Scourge on the Wall and the crack got bigger, Wario is about to give Scourge one more Shoulder Bash, but The Green Hedgehog got up and runs away, Wario ends up Breaking down the Cracked Wall, after that Wario noticed that there was no Platform to stand on.

Wario: Oh boy.

Wario looks towards the camera and falls down the pit, Scourge The Hedgehog followed after Wario, The Plumber and The Hedgehog both fall down to the Cellar.

(Cue: A Powerful Ememy Emerges - Super Paper Mario)

Scourge curls into a Ball and tackles towards Wario and hits him in the Stomach, knocking him into a wall, then Scourge kicked him right in the Face, Wario Wall-Jumps and pulls out the Fire Flower and becomes into Fire Wario, The Greedy Plumber starts to shoots bunch of Fireballs at Scourge, but he dodged most of them, Wario prepares his Fiery Shoulder and charges at Scourge, he knocks him into a Wall, The Greedy Plumber punches Scourge several times times in the Wall, but Scourge managed to block his Left Hook, he then punches Wario in his Nose and then he does bunch of Spin Dashes while Wall-Jumping, he finishes the combo with an Eagle Kick.

Wario spirals all the way to the ground and his head pierces through it, Wario pulls himself of the ground and looks up, he sees that The Green Hedgehog is about to Spin Dash him, Wario panics and dodges it, Scourge lands on the Ground and dashes towards Wario, he punches him twice in the Nose and kicks him in the gut, The Yellow Plumber flinches a bit and he runs towards Scourge, he points his Finger down Scourge's leg and made him spiraling in air, he jumps up and does a Sex Kick on Scourge, knocking him a bit, Wario gets on the ground and raises both his Hands towards Scourge and hurting him.

Wario: Waa.

Scourge still spirals in the air, Wario short hops and Spins his Head, he damages Scourge multiple times and sending him away, The Green Hedgehog ends up crashing on a wall, Scourge slides down and gets up from the ground, Scourge runs towards Wario, The Yellow Plumber stands on one foot and puts his Left Hook in the back, Scourge was getting close to Wario, The Yellow Plumber used the Side Smash on Scourge but The Green Hedgehog jumps over it.

Wario: Doh i Missed.

Scourge does a Foot Dive on Wario and then he does a Spin Dash on his Stubby Legs, this sends Wario spiraling in the Air, Scourge does a Flip Kick on Wario and then he starts to Spin his arm, Scourge throws his Fist on Wario and that send him all the way to a Wall, Wario crashes to the wall and leaves a giant hole.

(Music Stop)

Scourge: You're just a pathetic piece of meat.

Scourge starts to walk away but all the Sudden, he heard a Motorcycle sound coming from a Distance, it zooms on towards The Crack, and then Wario emerges out of the Crack with a Motorcycle.

(Cue: Forest Zone - Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman)

Wario: Wahahaha! 

Wario pulls out a Bob-Omb and throws it at Scourge, but The Green Hedgehog jumps away, Wario keeps throwing more Bob-Ombs while Chasing after Scourge with a Moto, Scourge dodges all the Bob-Ombs, the camera goes a Top-Down perspective, Wario puts down some Bob-Ombs on Scourge's patch but Green Hedgehog runs away from the Bombs, Wario goes towards Scourge and rams him with his Bike and places a Bob-Omb next to him, Scourge got up and quickly kicked the bomb away towards Wario, Yellow Plumber grabbed the Bomb and threw it back to Scourge but the Green Hedgehog jumps away from the Bomb before it explodes, the camera gets to it's Normal Perspective, Scourge dashes towards Wario while The Yellow Plumber accelerates towards Scourge, as both get close Scourge does a Spin Dash and pierces through Wario Bike, it explodes into pieces and Wario gets blown away from it. 

Scourge: Even with that Bike, you can't keep up with The King.

Wario got up and ate pieces of his Bike. 

Scourge: What?

Scourge dashes towards Wario, but then Wario points his Caboose towards Scourge and... 


Wario unleashes a Green Gas in Scourge's face, The Green Hedgehog gets disgusted by it and covers his Nose, Wario pulls out another Wario Bike and accelerates towards Scourge whose distracted by Wario's nasty Gas, The Fat Plumber rams Scourge simultaneously while throwing bunch of Bob-Ombs on him, then Wario does a wheelie and crushes Scourge's stomach, causing a fountain of blood to be released from Scourge.

Scourge is damaged from Wario Bike very badly and looks bloody, Wario now jumps out of his Bike and throws it at Scourge and blowing up in his face, Scourge gets blasted a few distances away, Wario now uses his Dragon discuise and walks towards Scourge.

Wario: Have a Rotten Day.

The Green Hedgehog pulled out bunch of Green Gems from his Leather Jacket, it was the Anarchy Beryls, Wario then breathes Blue Flames out of his Mouth and burns Scourge, but The Green Hedgehog created a Force Field to block the Fire.

Scourge: ENOUGH!

Scourge blasts Wario away with his Force Field, Wario got blasted several meters away, Wario gets up from the ground, but when he raises his head he saw that Scourge is now changed.

(Cue: Big Arms (Sonic 3 Final Boss) - Sonic Generations)

His fur is changed from Green to Purple and his eyes are now Pitch Black with Red Irises and he's also floating now, he's now Super Scourge.

Wario: Oh boy, it looks like that thing in my Nightmare.

Super Scourge: *Heavy Breathing* I had enough of your Stupid Attacks, now it's time for Super Scourge to Buzzsaw through you!

Super Scourge dashes towards Wario, The Fat Plumber was panicking for a Moment, then he had an idea, he pulls out the Power Flower, Super Scourge was getting close to Wario, he prepares to punch the Fat Plumber but Wario transformed into a Metallic Hunk known as Metal Wario, he grabbed Super Scourge's punch.

(Cue: Metal Wario - Super Mario 64 DS)

Super Scourge: What?!

Metal Wario spins Super Scourge and then he throws him towards a Wall, Super Scourge got up and starts to simultaneously tackle Metal Wario at blurring speeds, but Metal Wario just walk like it's nobody's business, Super Scourge still tackles Wario, but The Greedy Plumber slams Super Scourge into the ground with his Metallic Fists, then Metal Wario Pounds on Super Scourge but it didn't work because he was Invunrable, Super Scourge lifted the Hunk of Metal and tossed him away, Metal Wario leaps up and does a Shoulder Bash in Super Scourge's face but that didn't work.

Super Scourge: You can't hurt me at all, because i'm Invincible!

Super Scourge creates a Blast around him and knocks Metal Wario away, Wario's Metal Form wore off and he's now normal.

(Continue previous music)

Scourge: heheheh.

Scourge laughed that Wario's Form ran out, Wario looks around him only to see he's Normal and then he looks up towards The Purple Hedgehog.

Wario: Waaaahh!

Wario got scared for a Moment, Super Scourge then kicked Wario really hard, so hard that send him crashing Wall throgh Wall and he ends up in the Throne Room, the place that Wario and his opponent fough minutes ago, Wario got up from the ground and he holds his Belly in Pain, Super Scourge comes into the throne room, Wario pulls out the Power Star and Super Carrot, he equipps with both, Wario now flashes in bright colors and has Bunny ears.

(Cue: Starman - Super Mario 3D Land)

Wario: Wahaha! Now i can fly and be invunrable just like you.

Scourge: I doubt yours gonna last that long.

Star Wario and Super Scourge both fly up in the air clash each other, both their fists Collide and create a huge Shockwave, destroying the Pillars around, Star Wario punches Super Scourge several times and finishes with a Backhand Punch, Super Scourge tanks the blow, Super Scourge backs up and tackles Star Wario in a Blur, then he finishes with an Eagle Kick, but Wario blocked the attack, now both Star Wario and Super Scourge start to punch each other in a rapid passion, Star Wario form was almost about to run out, but before it runs out Wario grabs one of Scourge's Punch and pokes him in his Red Eyes.

Super Scourge: Arrgh.

(Continue Big Arms - Sonic Generations again)

Wario transforms back to normal and did a Soft landing with the Bunny Ears, he then quickly runs away from Super Scourge, The Purple Hedgehog rolls his eyes and looks around, he sees that Wario is nowhere to be seen.

Super Scourge: Hmm, it looks like that Fatso is hiding somewhere around here.

Scourge floats towards bunch of broken Rocks.

Super Scourge: Don't think about hiding from me, i know you're there.

Super Scourge breaks down the Rock and revealing Wario himself.

Super Scourge: Found you...

Wario: WAH!

Wario was shocked that he was found, Scourge tackles Wario and smashes him in the Wall and piercing through it, Wario was send to another room, Scourge strikes Wario with an Footdive and sending him down the ground. 

Wario is all Bloody from his head to feet, The Greedy Plumber slowly gets up and looks at Super Scourge.

Wario: I'm not done yet you Spiky Rat cause Wario is about to get Bigger and Better.

Wario pulls out the Super Mushroom and he eats it with a single Chomp, he becomes Larger and Dwarfing Scourge in Size, he's now Mega Wario.

(Cue: Stage Boss - Super Mario 64)

Wario: Wahaha! Now i have become Bigger and Stronger, you're now an Ant to me, i am Wario and i am the MIGHTIEST!

Mega Wario throws his Right Hook at Super Scourge and knocks him away.

Super Scourge: Urrgh.

Super Scourge dashes towards Mega Wario, he does bunch of Spin Dashes on Wario but The Yellow Plumber counters the attacks, Wario tries to crush Scourge like a Bug with his Palms, but Super Scourge boosts away from Wario and then Super Scourge pulls out Three pillars and throws them at Mega Wario, but the Giant Plumber broke the pillars with Punches, he grabs the last Pillar and throws it at Scourge but the Purple Hedgehog pierces through it, Wario pulls out a big Bob-Omb and throws it at Scourge, however Super Scourge kicks the Bob-Omb back to Mega Wario.

Mega Wario: Waaaaa-

As Mega Wario screams, he ends up Swallowing the big Bob-Omb, Wario's stomach starts to growl.

(Music stop)

Mega Wario: Oh made me do this.

Mega Wario points his Rear End towards Scourge and starts to charge his deadliest attack.

Super Scourge oh no you don't.

Super Scourge dashes towards Mega Wario and he gets close towards him, but before Scourge could attack Wario...


Wario unleashes a Massive Nuclear Fart and it ended up blowing the Entire Castle into pieces, it zooms above The explosion as we see Wario is rocketing upwards by Farting while slowly shrinking down to Normal.

(Cue: Angry Boss - Mega Man X8)

The scene cuts to the Collasped Castle, a purple light is seen in the Gas clouds and it emerges out of it, it was Super Scourge whose now really angry, Wario stopped rocketing upwards and he falls down towards Super Scourge.

Super Scourge: You're DOOMED.

Scourge punches Wario in the Gut and then he goes his Back and kicks him up, then he goes up does a Downward Spin Dash on Wario and Meteor him all the way to the ground, the Yellow Plumber pulls out a Magic Garlic before his fate, Super Scourge crushes Wario on the ground, creating a Purple Explosion, Super Scourge jumps out of the Explosion and laughs for a Moment.

(Music stop)

Super Scourge: I was expecting for a challenge, but you just fall flat.

The smokes clear from the Scourge's vision and he sees a Sillouete.

(Cue: Title Theme - VB Wario Land 0:00 -0:15)

Super Scourge: Huh? It can't be.

The Sillouete walks out of the Smoke and he reveals himself, The Greedy Plumber is now wearing a Pink outfit with a W on his Chest, he also wears a Purple Mask and a Cape.

Wario: Now I become more Powerful than ever, I'm no longer Wario...I'm WARIO-MAN!!! Now you're gonna pay for Stealing all my Treasure.

Super Scourge: ...Nice Pajamas, anyway I'm gonna finish you once and for all.

(Cue: Final Boss Theme - VB Wario Land 0:00:28)

Wario-Man and Super Scourge stand in a fighting pose as their Final Battle is about to begin, Wario-Man does a Shoulder Bash on Scourge but The Purple Hedgehog crossed his arms and blocks it, Super Scourge punches Wario-Man multiple times and sends him Spiraling, Wario-Man falls on the ground and then he gets up, Wario-Man leaps towards Scourge and then he slams Scourge on the Ground, he punches Scourge in the face with Earthquake Punch, stunning Super Scourge in the place, then Wario-Man grabs Scourge from his legs and then he starts to spin him around really fast and then he throws him away.

Wario-Man: Get outta here! 

Super-Scourge gets launched towards a Rock, Super Scourge gets up and Boosts towards Wario-Man, Scourge strikes Wario-Man with a Punch in a Face, this sends Wario-Man flying, Scourge follows after Wario and he does a Spiral Attack on The Fat Superhero, then he strikes Wario with several Spin Dashes, but Wario-Man holds him in the Place then he throws the Psycho Hedgehog on the Ground.

Then Wario-Man body slams on Scourge, The Hedgehog kicks Wario-Man in Mid Air and then he does two Punches in the Chest, Wario-Man counters it and does a Shoulder Bash on Scourge, sending him away, Wario-Man flies towards Scourge and does a Spiraling Attack, hitting Scourge multiple times, The Purple Hedgehog does an Eagle Kick and sends Wario-Man crashing to the Ground, Scourge does an Homing Attack towards Wario-Man, but The Purple Superhero unleashes an Atomic Fart and avoids Scourge's Homing Attack, then Wario-Man runs away.

Super Scourge is distracted by the Fiery Smoke, but Scourge starts to Spin Dash in Circles and clears the Smoke, Super Scourge chases after Wario-Man, The Purple Superhero throws bunch of Bombs at Scourge but he effortlessly knocks them away, Wario-Man is now Worried for a moment but he has an Idea, he pulls out a Bike that has a Supercharger, with this he would outspeed The Purple Hedgehog.

Wario-Man: Bye Bye, you miserable Rat.

Wario-Man accelerates The Atomic Bike and he starts to go at Incredible Speeds, it's so fast that Wario-Man is struggles to control it, Wario-Man avoids bunch of Rocks and Trees on his road, then Wario-Man looks at his Back to see a Purple Light from afar, it was Super Scourge chasing after him.

Super Scourge: You can't escape from me that easy.

Wario-Man accelerates even more with Atomic-Bike, he outspeeds Super Scourge.

Wario-Man: Wahahahah!

Wario-Man laughes at Scourge, when he looks back he's about to Crash into a Tree.

Wario-Man: Waaaaaaaah!

The Superhero ends up crashing into the Tree and Explodes.


(Music Stop)

This sends Wario-Man flying in the air and then falling down the Ground, Wario-Man slowly gets up from the Ground, Super Scourge approaches towards Wario-Man.

Wario-Man: I'mma gonna finish You.

Wario-Man puts his Fist back and stands on one foot, he charges up his Side Smash and then he launches it towards Super Scourge, but before he could land it on Scourge, Wario-Man transforms back to his normal form and his Side Smash did nothing on the Purple Hedgehog.

Wario: Wah?

Wario gets shocked that he lost his Transformation and his standing right in front of an Invunrable being.

Super Scourge: Heheheh! Now you're gonna die in the most painful way.

(Cue:Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2 )

Super Scourge punches Wario multiple times on him and then he kicks him up into the Air, then he simultaneously tackles on Wario and blast him away, Wario spirals all the way to the ground. He slowly gets up as Scourge approaches him, Wario tries to use his Shoulder Bash but Scourge grabs Wario's Arm and tears it out, Wario screams in agony, Super Scourge then charges up Light Boost.

Super Scourge: Here we..GO!

Super Scourge dashes through Wario stomach and creates a Hole that constantly bleeds out, Scourge then jumps up high in the Air, curls into a Ball and dives down towards Wario's head.

Super Scourge: DIE!!!

he starts to Spin Dash through Wario's head, causing a fountain of blood come from Wario's Head.

Wario: WAAAAAAAAAaahhh...

As Wario screams in pain, Scourge goes deeper on Wario as Blood splatters like Crazy, then Super Scourge finally creates a Purple Blast around him and blows Wario up into pieces.

(Music Stop)

Wario's body parts rain around Super Scourge as he reverts back to his normal form and lies on the Ground, then Fiona The Fox comes in and picks up Scourge's body.

Fiona: Good job Scourge, i'm very pleased that you managed to beat him.



(Cue: King Scourge The Hedgehog)

Cti6eFU d

Scourge and Fiona walk towards a Giant Ring while Wario's Cap is seen floating down towards the ground like a paper.

Boomstick: Rest in pepperoni, Warioni.

Wiz: While Wario might have this fight in Strengh, like his Striking and Lifting advanage, Scourge managed to output Wario via Speed, the fact that Scourge is able to run across Two Multiverses without a sweat.'

Boomstick: Scourge is basically a Green Archie Sonic, so it's no doubt that Wario would keep up and punch a Speeding Hedgehog.

Wiz: Wario's best Speed Advanage was him outrunning Shake King who can travel around the world in few minutes but Scourge is higher than that.

:Boomstick: Wario get the Power-Up and Durability Advanage in his Base Form, the fact that Wario got more Power-Ups than Scourge which allows The Yellow Plumber to put back Scourge and Wario managed to survive being crushed into a Pancake, being Zombified, lit on Fire, the list goes on.

Wiz: But when it comes to Super Forms, Scourge completly takes out Wario, the fact that Scourge's Speed and Strengh Doubles, being completly Invunrable and lasting longer, Wario's Super Forms might be able to keep up with Super Scourge's Strengh but they don't last longer.

Boomstick: For intelligence, Wario managed to create Video Games and a Dimentional Teleporter and matter of seconds, but Wario's mostly portrayed Arrogant just like Scourge.':

Wiz: And lastly we can talk about their fighting experience, Wario's gone up against likes of Mario, Bowser, Rudy The Clown and Shake King while Scourge gone up against Sonic, Shadow, The Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad.

Boomstick: If you know, Sonic in the Comics pulled so many Insane stuff, like Destroying Zones and stuff.

Wiz: The said Zones are considered their own Universes, and Wario's nowhere near that.

Boomstick: It looks like Anti-Sonic gave Wario a Scourge.

Wiz: The Winner is Scourge The Hedgehog.

Scourge wins

(Death Battle doors close and open for the next time)

Next time on Death Battle

(Cue - I.M. Meen intro)

??: Oh look what clever Children, see them study, watch them learn, how I hate those Goodie Goodies, they make my stomach turn.



(Cue - We Are Number One)

???: Now listen closely, here's a little lesson in trickery, this is going down in history, if you wanna be the villain Number One, you have to chase a Superhero on the run.

Robbie Rotten


  • This is second time Raiando uses Nintendo and Sega Characters.
  • All of Wario's voices are sound clips from the actual Wario games.
  • Scourge is voiced by the same person who voiced Deadpool in a previous Death Battle episode, Deadpool VS Deathstroke, Takahata101.  
  • The Wario sprite used for this is his former Sprites from popular online fan game, Super Smash Flash 2.  
  • The Scourge sprite is a modified Sonic Sprite of Sonic Advance.  
  • This was Raiando's longest fight, which lasted over 4,797 words before getting replaced by Zero (MegaMan X) vs Infinite with 5,958 words.