Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is one of the most recurring Looney Tunes villains.

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Yosemite Sam is one of the meanest, grouchiest, most ill-tempered toon ever. A good description of him is "nasty, brutish and short." There have been Sams in many times and places, including a Roman legionary, a Viking, a medieval knight, a pirate, a Hessian mercenary in the American Revolution, a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War, a space alien, and most notably, a cowboy.

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Yosemite Sam appears as a very short and very stocky man with red hair and a thick and bushy beard and mustache. All Sams everywhere also seem to wear a black mask, even if they are not robbers. Sam loves weapons of all kind, whether knives, swords, guns, cannons, bombs or energy blasters.

Powers and Abilities

Sam possesses only one power, but it is a powerful one, and that is the Toon Force. What this means is that Sam has been shot in the face with pistols, rifles, shotguns and cannons, blown up with dynamite, had safes, anvils and pianos dropped on him, and suffered no appreciable harm. At the most, he will appear singed, with his clothes torn and blackened. After shaking off the soot, he appears as good as new. Rendering Sam unconscious is extremely difficult, and killing him is probably impossible.


Yosemite Sam will always be packing weapons, including many that cannot be seen. Once, when in competition with Bugs Bunny, he kept reaching behind himself for larger and larger pistols. This is another impact of the Toon Force


  • Marvin the Martian's personality was specifically designed to contrast Yosemite Sam's so that Bugs Bunny had more variety of villains.

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