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I am the Red Cyclone. I destroy everything
~ Zangief
Zangief is a character from Capcom's Street Fighter. He previously fought Mike Haggar in the 5th episode of Death Battle, Haggar VS Zangief.

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Death Battle Info


  • Height: 214 cm / 7'0"
  • Weight: 181 kg / 399 Ibs
  • Hobbies: Wrestling, cossak dancing, vodka drinking
  • Fighting Style: Russian Wrestling & Sambo

Russian Wrestling

  • Grabs & holds
  • Tie-Ups
  • Throws from Tie-Ups
  • Push & Pull opponent to throw off balance
  • Counter-Attacks when foe loses balance


  • Mix of wrestling & martial arts
  • Uses tactics from Vikings, tartars, & golden horde
  • Grappling, ground work, & submissions
  • No leg locks or chokeholds

Notable Moves

  • Double Lariat
  • Flying Power Bomb
  • Atomic Suplex
  • Body Splash
  • Banishing Flat
  • Spinning 'Screw' Piledriver


  • Piledrives bears
  • Overpowered Ryu easily until he became Evil Ryu
  • Easily threw a bear far away to protect a young wrestler in training, R Mika
  • Was struck by a sword resulting in the sword snapping on him and him being unscratched


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