Agatha:villans. Whether they be tyrants or devils They are meant to push the heros to their peak and scare the audience while doing it.

Card:and none do it better then these two

Agatha:zorc necrophades the dark destroyer

Card:and frieza the golden space tyrant.

Agatha:hes card and im agatha

Card:and its our job to analyise their wepons armour and skills to find out who whould win a death battle.


Agatha: in the far reaches of outer space there are a whole host of deadly creatures.

Card:but none carry a reputation of such fear and hate that comes close to rival of frieza's.

Agatha:with a gang of fighters behind him frieza set off to control the galaxy and came pretty close to it too. While the exact number of planets isnt precise it has been said to contain more than 400 planets not counting the ones he destroyed.

Card:but since frieza wanted even MORE power he decided to head off to the planet namek where he had heard of mythical items called the dragon balls that granted a wish to whoever collected all seven and summoned the allmighty dragon. Frieza naturally decided he whould wish for immortallity so he choukd keep being a asshole for all eternia.

Agatha:litterally no one was safe from friezas reign not even children untill a sayan known as son goku stepped in and put a stop to him. Sort of. See despite the death of frieza and most of his army there were still a couple of loyal followers of friezas roaming about and they traveled to earth collected the dragon balls and wished frieza back to life. Frieza natturally wanted revenge on goku but after hearing how he had fared against majin buu and the god of destruction two people who even frieza feared he knew he had to train and in just 4 months he reached a new form which he aptlynamed golden frieza.

Card:but then he died anyway because whis the gods of destructions teacher turned back time after he blew the planet up and goku killed him again. But frieza didnt care and even trained in the afterlife to become even stronger.

Agatha: when the two zenos decided to host the tournoment of power to determine which universe was erased goku requested that frieza sign up which he did under the terms that he be wished back to life if they won. Shortly after returning to life frieza procceded to kill 100 armed assassians from universe 9 and when he engaged in a spar with ssgss goku it ended with a duo ko.

Card:frieza is a formiddable opponent who can manipulate his ki into various beams of energy his most famous being the finger or death beam which he can shoot from his finger either singular or in mass but by doing so he loses accuracy.

Agatha:he can create huge balls of energy called supernovas that can destroy entire planets in his first and weakest form. Also while there is no way to translate power levels into actual strength in his first form his power level was said to be around 540 million during the first ressurection.

Card: he is also a surprisingly good stratagist being able to counter foes stragedys and use it to his advantage. Like when gohan was struggling with a opponent in the tournament of power as he kept telporting away but frieza easily defeated him and manged to read his every move teleporting behind him every time. Also since killing is not allowed in the tournament of power frieza blasted his foes inflicting as much pain as possible without acctually killing him as he purposly missed all vital organs